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ReSound Hearing Aids

About Hearing Loss

ReSound Side BarHearing loss is popularly associated with advanced age. Though your chances of hearing loss do increase with age, a surprisingly high percentage of people with hearing loss are much younger than you’d think. Traffic, machinery, music, and TV all contribute to noisy environments that can cause hearing loss – at any age.


Treating Hearing Loss

Wearing a hearing aid means rediscovering the pleasure of gathering with friends and family, feeling more confident at work, and enjoying movies, music and TV programs. A hearing aid means living with all of your five senses again


ReSound LiNX2

ReSound Linx2Hearing Has Never Been so Effortless

The latest in smart hearing: With ReSound LiNX2 you’ll discover the benefits of smart hearing that adapts to you and your lifestyle.


Connect, Interact and Engage Efforlessly

ReSound LiNX2 hearing aids are Made for iPhone hearing aids, which means they connect with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices to make your hearing aids work like Bluetooth stereo headphones.


The Best Listening Experience–Wherever You Go

Adjust volume, treble and bass. Create favorite programs. Control your wireless accessories. Enhance your listening experience in challenging sound environments… All without touching your hearing aids.

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ReSound Unite Wireless Accessories

ReSound Smart AppConnect with ReSound Unite wireless accessories

The easy-to-use ReSound Unite™ wireless accessories deliver clear and secure audio directly to ReSound wireless hearing instruments. And they do it discreetly, without devices to wear around your neck.

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ReSound Smart App

  • Discreet control of volume
  • Adjust volume, treble and bass on the go.
  • Change program on the go

Create favorite programs and have your hearing aids switch to them in particular places – or activate them yourself wherever you are.

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Easy-to-Learn Tips and Tricks

Look up information about your hearing aid such as what each ‘beep’ means.

The ReSound Smart app is available for free download from the App StoreSM for iOS devices and Google Play™ for select Android devices.