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No one should accept hearing loss and miss out on the voices of loved ones, favorite music and the sounds of nature. Communication is at the heart of everything we do and every relationship; it’s simply too important.

Potomac Audiology, in Rockville, Maryland, offers leading-edge hearing evaluations, Real-ear measurement and customized hearing aid fittings, using innovative hearing technology. Since 1984, our team of doctorate-level audiologists have helped thousands of patients, improving their hearing using advanced technologies to accurately test and customize hearing solutions to meet their individual needs.

Our audiologists have the expertise and access to advanced technology to ensure you get an expert hearing evaluation and the right kind of hearing system for your hearing loss. One that fits your unique lifestyle and, most importantly, one that you feel comfortable using. You can trust the audiologists at Potomac Audiology to provide you compassionate and unhurried, personalized care every step of the way. To recapture the sounds you’ve been missing, look to our team of audiology doctors at Potomac Audiology.

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