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Patient with Receiver In The Ear hearing aid in place over the ear and in the canal.

100% digital hearing aids and their features.
Helping you recapture sounds like never before.

As you know, computers are behind many recent advances in medical science. In the field of hearing care, the immense power of the computer is being used every step of the way—from the hearing test to the actual hearing device. The Audiologists at Potomac Audiology are experts in the use of today’s innovative 100% digital hearing aids that work like mini-computers. The hearing aids provide an enhanced ability to accurately fit to your hearing loss (using real-ear mesurements) and they provide improved sound quality as compared to hearing aids from even just a few years ago. In addition, 100% digital hearing aids can significantly reduce—or even eliminate—feedback problems, i.w., the annoying whistling. Here are some of the many features available with today’s state-of-the-art hearing instruments:

  • Automatic Sound Processing
    Incoming sounds are constantly analyzed to amplify soft sounds while reducing unwanted background noise, for greater comfort.
  • Directional Microphones
    Multiple microphones monitor sound levels in noisy environments and automatically adjusts reception so you hear speech as clearly as possible.
  • Feedback Cancellation
    Can actually cancel out whistling and other annoying
    signals before they occur, so feedback (or “whistling”) virtually disappears.
  • Auto-Telephone Response
    A revolutionary micro-nano-technology switch that senses a (land-line)telephone signal the moment the receiver is lifted to the ear.
  • Multiple Programs or Memories
    Innovative hearing aid technologies can now let you listen differently depending on the situation, such as listening to music, watching television or enjoying a family party.
  • Open-Fit Hearing Aids
    These hearing aids are extremely small and discreet and provide outstanding sound quality and performance without “plugging up” your ear. Open-fit hearing aids can virtually eliminate feedback and the annoying “barrel effect” while greatly improving hearing in noisy situations.

The Audiologists at Potomac Audiology offer a full range of 100% digital and programmable hearing devices that will be fit to meet your individual needs. We will work with you to select the appropriate hearing aids or hearing devices from a variety of leading brand names, including Lyric, Phonak, GN Resound, Widex and Starkey.

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