Hearing Aid Maintenance

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Hearing Aid Maintenance and Repairs—Protect Your Investment in Hearing

Your hearing changes over time. What you may not know is that your hearing aid needs to be adjusted periodically to match your changing hearing loss. And it does require regular servicing and cleaning. It may also need repairs over its lifetime.

Potomac Audiology provides complete care not only for your hearing but also for your hearing aid. Audiologists are fully trained to test, fit, clean, adjust, service and repair virtually every kind of hearing aid. The office features a repair suite with all the tools and materials necessary to keep your hearing aid working its best. But that’s not all. If you purchase hearing instruments from Potomac Audiology, we will provide you with these outstanding services:

  • Complimentary home cleaning materials and storage cases
  • Competitive pricing on batteries for your hearing aid
  • Minor adjustments and repairs for your hearing aid
  • In-office cleanings for your hearing aid

Remember, proper maintenance and repair and periodic cleanings are necessary to keep your hearing instrument working at its very best.


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