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Patient describes his experience at Potomac Audiology.

Not the Car Salesman Approach

When I first met Gail, I was impressed with her knowledge of hearing loss and the different types and brands of hearing aids on the market. I have experienced hearing loss since 1995 and during that time have visited several audiologists. I have purchased several brands of hearing aids over the years and my experience was always akin to buying a new car. The audiologist would push the most expensive model and not necessarily the best model for my hearing loss.

Gail is a very different audiologist. Rather than taking the “car sales” approach, she instructed me on the different types of loss and directed me to a hearing aid which provides the maximum benefit for me. She has been very helpful during the fitting process, the trial period, and continues to be available and helpful whenever I need an adjustment or have a question about my new aids.

I have a significant hearing loss. Prior to meeting Gail, my existing digital hearing aids were programmed for maximum volume but not for my specific hearing loss. I missed so  much. I was so amazed with the difference in hearing after receiving my new hearing aids from Gail, it literally changed my life. I actually enjoy social situations that I used to avoid because of my hearing loss! I am now more ‘outgoing’ and responsive to everyday interactions! Gail changed my life!

-Steven E. Scaplehorn

Great Results

I have been wearing hearing aids for eight years. During that time I saw several different hearing healthcare professionals. Unfortunately, the results never seemed to be satisfactory. Despite several hearing aid adjustments, I still had communication difficulties in almost all listening environments. I was told that given my hearing loss I would need to buy new hearing aids.

By chance, I went into Gail’s office. In one hour she completed a hearing test, determined that I did not need new hearing aids and adjusted the ones I had. What she did is the closest thing to a miracle I have ever experienced. Gone is the static from the phone. Music is again delightful and I am able to hear each individual instrument. In restaurants I now can hear others speaking without being overwhelmed by the background noise. Also, when I go to conferences I am now able to hear and process everything the speaker says. Until I saw Gail I tried to avoid wearing the hearing aids. Now, I chose to wear them at all times.