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Are you missing out on the wonderful sounds of life, such as the voices of loved ones, your favorite music, the sounds of nature or the ring of your telephone? If so, you might have a hearing problem, or if you are currently wearing a hearing instrument, it might not be adequately customized to your individual needs. To recapture the sounds you’ve been missing, look to our team of audiology doctors at Potomac Audiology.

Potomac Audiology, in Rockville, Maryland, offers state-of-the-art hearing evaluations and today’s most innovative hearing technology. The doctoral-level audiologists on staff have decades of experience in patient care.  Combined, we have improved the hearing and quality of life for thousands of patients and we can do the same for you. We have the expertise and advanced technology to ensure that you get a thorough hearing evaluation and the right kind of treatment to include hearing aids and other assistive hearing devices. We will take care of the hearing aids and devices you already use and ensure that they are functioning appropriately for you.  You can trust the audiologists at Potomac Audiology to provide you compassionate and personalized care…every step of the way!

Potomac Audiology is a winner of the Best of Bethesda 2013, 2014 and 2016 awards. Selected as the “Readers’ Pick, Best Audiologist” and also the “Editors’ Pick, Best Audiologist”, and “Best Audiologist (Reader’s Pick)” Potomac Audiology’s audiology professionals and latest technologies offer you the best solutions to your hearing needs!

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